How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

We’ve all experienced it before. You’re lost in a deep sleep having a fantastic dream when suddenly your cat wakes you back to reality. Cats are cute but waking up to them at 3 AM is not! It is true cats are more active at night, but they are not naturally nocturnal animals. There are ways to train your cat to let you sleep at night, and the HICC Groom team is ready to spill all the petcare secrets!



Why Is My Cat Not Letting Me Sleep?

Cats have precise sleeping schedules. They are natural hunters from the early mornings or evenings, typically around dawn or dusk. Cats are known for being crepuscular, which means they are active during twilight hours. If your cat is preventing you from sleeping, there are different things you can do. One solution is training your cat’s sleep cycle to match yours. A few reasons why your cat keeps you up at night include:

  • Hunger: cats often wake in the night to feed, which fits into their natural hunting/eating cycle. If you wake up to feed your cat in the middle of the night, they will learn to expect food at that time. 
  • Attention: cats are very social creatures. They love playtime and may be seeking your attention while you are sleeping. 
  • Health conditions: if your cat feels uneasy or sick at night, they might act extra wild or vocal. Monitor changes in your cat’s behavior, eating habits, or urine. These signs may indicate whether something health-related is going on. 
  • Boredom: cats will do different things to keep themselves occupied. They may play with their toys or explore their surroundings late at night.  
  • They have energy from sleeping all day: if you go to work during the day, your cat may sleep during the day while they have nothing to do. This sleep cycle causes them to feel good and energized in the evenings.   

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How To Get a Cat to Sleep at Night 

You can teach your cat to sleep at night by using bedtime, playtime, and feeding as training tools. You can use feeding time as a reward system to teach your cat what behaviors are appropriate. 

Cat Feeding Guidelines: 

To prevent your cat from waking up at night from hunger, feed them more often during the day. Offer them three small meals a day or two large meals: one in the morning and once at night. Feeding your cat closer to bedtime may make them more sleepy. 

Cat Playtime Guidelines: 

Playtime also works to help your cat sleep well at night. If your cat sleeps in the morning, it will have more energy to expend. Playing with your cat a couple of hours before bedtime will tire them more. If you can spend time with your cat during the day, keep them awake during these hours with their favorite toys. Prevent them from sleeping in the day by keeping them engaged as often as possible. Eventually, their bodies will get used to their new cycle and sleep at night.



How To Relax Your Cat to Sleep Better at Night

Touch and grooming are essential for creating a peaceful environment for your cat and promoting better health. Spend time with your cat cuddling, wrapping it in a comforting blanket, or grooming your cat with a pet grooming brush for massaging and relaxation. Use your brush to stroke your cat from head to toe in a gentle manner. The more you do this, the more comfortable they will feel in their environment. This relaxation method will help you and your cat sleep more soundly at night.  



Ignore Your Cat’s Nighttime Behavior for Better Sleep

We know you love your fur baby, so responding to their crying and behaviors at night may feel natural. Unless you notice your cat acting strangely and believe their health is at stake, try to ignore them. If you come to the rescue every time your cat meows at 4 AM for food or attention, they will learn to do this whenever they need something. Ignoring them will teach your cat to stop certain behaviors that don’t get a reaction.



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