Keep the dog, but not the bad odor

Keep the dog, but not the bad odor

Keep the dog, but not the bad odor

From the first day you bring your doggy home, both of you are bonding together closely as a family. Your life is more wonderful because of him. As time goes by, you will find that your doggy has grown his affection into you, being more and more attached to you, and finally he just wants to cuddle with you in bed. Despite the fact that he loves you so much and you love him as well, there is a big obstacle between you and your doggy, which seems hard to get rid of —— the stubborn dog odors.

No matter how hard we train our dogs to potty at one spot, we have to accept the fact that sometimes accident do happen. If you do not clean up the pee immediately, there is a tendency of your dogs will always go to the same favorite spot for pee as dogs generally like to mark their territory with its urine. For hard cover surface, you may clean up the urine spot more easily with wipes and soap. However, it’s not easy to eliminate the stubborn pet urine odors from fabrics such as carpet and couch.

Pet urine odor come from fabrics


You can smell the strong urine scent on the carpet when you come back home from work. The moment you cuddle with him on the sofa, you smell the odor from your seats. Also, the first thing that wakes you up in the morning is his foul smell, and sometimes even you can smell it from your pillows and mattress!

First of all, you have to identify and act quickly when the urine is still wet. Use a paper towel or absorbent cloth and gently press on the spot to absorb the urine from the fabric surface.

Next, you need to neutralize your carpet or couch by using enzymatic cleaner / enzyme cleaner to destroy the protein and pheromones in dog urine. Pheromones are complex system which the dogs use to communicate and learn boundaries including the respective place to urinate. By smelling those pheromones, it encourages the dog to pee at the same spot again.

Alternatively, you may replace the commercial pet urine remover with a home cleaner remedy such as applying vinegar and water with a ratio of 1:1 on the urine spot to clean the pee. Then you may pour over the baking soda on the affected area for 30 minutes to deodorize the urine smell. At last, you may dry-vacuum the carpet.

For the previous old urine spot, its kind of hard to find the source of smell. You are suggested to use UV or blacklight to search for the dried urine. For a better understanding, dog dried urine is in yellowish or greenish color. Once you have spotted the place, you may start the neutralizing+ deodorizing process again.

If you have an expensive leather sofa at home, its advisable to use vinegar instead of brushes or chemical wipes to clean the dog’s pee. For fabric sofa without cover, opt for a soft-bristled brush for cleaning purposes.

Others reason why your dog still smell so bad


There are types of bacteria from the dog’s mouth, paws, anal grands, ears, such as Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. A dog can easily transmit bacteria onto fabrics and textiles, such as mattress and sofa, which accumulate more and more bacteria and generate bad smells only after a few days.  Furthermore, dog smell released from the oil that the skin produces. The dog saliva, stinky bad breath, its hair and dancer are other’s sources of bad odor.


Clean your dog bedding regularly

Avoid strong and fragrance detergent when comes into washing dogs bedding linen as it may hurt their skin and chemical detergent is bad for their health.  Fabric-softeners are a no-no to our fur-friends too as it will irritate their skin. Try hot water with baking soda/ vinegar while washing your dog bed sheet. If there are stubborn dirt and stain need to be removed, you may use a mild and biodegradable dish soup instead.


Reducing Fradulence

Provide a good source of natural and nutritious food for your dogs. Cheap canned food with unhealthy ingredients may cause indigestive problem in your dogs. Excessive winds in dog’s tummy lead to fradulence / passing gas issue. Regular exercise will reduce fradulence by encouraging gut movement.