What is hypochlorous acid?

Do you know what hypochlorous acid is? If you haven’t heard about HClO, it is time for you to gain some knowledge about this amazing chemical!

Hypochlorous acid has a chemical formula of HClO. It is a weak acid naturally produced by our white blood cells to fight against invading pathogens and plays a crucial role in our immune system for healing and protection purposes.



The invading pathogens will be engulfed by white blood cells through a process called phagocytosis. Once engulfed, the white blood cell produces an oxidant, hypochlorous acid to kill invasive organisms within milliseconds of contact through the myeloperoxidase-mediated peroxidation of chloride ions.


In 1843, a France chemist Antoine Jerome Balard has discovered Hypochlorous Acid. During World War I, it was used for disinfecting medical equipment and disinfecting wounds. In the 1970s, HClO was generated by running electricity via saltwater. Nowadays, it has been used in a variety of areas such as household disinfection, health care, food treatment, and public service.

Hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidant kills germ, bacteria & virus and remains safe to human as the HClO will be decomposed by taurine or amino acids of human cells.

As the same chemical as the antibacterial factor produced by human white blood cells, hypochlorous acid has been recognized as an environmentally friendly and natural antibacterial ingredient which is highly efficient in killing germs.